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Shri Anil Johri, IFS

(Additional PCCF)


It was really great to see the available formulas used for such sample testing. It would be worthwhile to get into the panel of certain Government Organization and regular soil/water testing in addition the Forest Department’s protected area water bodies can be regulated on yearly basis I wish all the best to the Director and his team.


Mr. H. M. Tashwani

(Sr. Environment Engineer)


It is really a world class state of the art laboratory. Instruments used hear are really enough to analyses all the required parameters. I am really impressed. Thanks for inviting me hear.


Mr. Arvind Gajjar


Bureau of Veritas

Indeed good infrastructure, adequate compliance of the employees. Well maintained


Ms. Darpana Dhimmar

(Joint Secretory)

F & ED Dept., Gujarat

Visited the lab today. This is a Novel experience for me as I am a total layman for this highly technical field. I really appreciate the efforts by the lab assistants and the staff. I think this lab will become a role model for the state of Gujarat. Wish you all the best for the coming years/days. May God bless you for betterment of the Humans. Thank you.


Mr. D. P. Mehta

(Assistant Professor)

Ahmedabad Technology Institute

Today GEMI Laboratory has been visited by total 26 students of ATI afternoon session. The team of 26 students in 3 batches visits 3 different laboratories i.e. air, water and soil and understand the gravity of pollutions hazards of air, water and soil. The GEMI Laboratory has a bright future for all its scientists looking to the population of our country pollution of our country and urbanization and Industrialization of our country. It is not only reputed at state level but at national level hope it will shine at International level too. Wishing good wishes to all its scientists, a bright future and their role in protected common people health and will be surely noted by common people also. Thanking for giving opportunity to visit.


Ms. Divya Dixit

(Assistant Professor)

Marwadi Educational Foundation, Rajkot

Supporting staff, laboratory analysts, whole technical staff is proficient in their respective fields. Highly cooperative and skilled technical staff helped us to go through all necessary equipment requirement for air, water and soil analysis. Thus, we feel highly obliged and thankful for supporting us and our students during the lab visit. All the best and thanks to all.


Ms. Amarpreet Sing Arora

(Assistant Professor)

Marwadi Educational Foundation, Rajkot

It’s always a great pleasure to visit and meet the staff of GEMI. This is my second visit at GEMI’s Laboratory .Experience of my first visit prompted this visit along with my students of Marwadi college from their feedback and their excitement on seeing what they here learnt from the staff members here, I can presume that they had a wonderful time here.  Thank you for your time and permission in arranging this fruitful visit.


Shri S. N. Tyagi

(Mission Director)


A very good facility. I congratulate the scientists, staff working so hard day and night producing vital data for short term as well as long term planning.


Mr. Jagdish Barot

(Former M.S.)


It was my pleasure visiting GEMI Laboratory. I must congratulate Dr. Tyagi and his Team for the development and expansion of activities. I could see that it is now a state of the art Lab with good set of equipment and allied facilities. The added feature is its motivated young staff who are energetic and enthusiastic to conduct research and development work. I am sure GEMI will work as a role model for other state to follow. I wish to assume GEMI that I will be available for any voluntary assistance as needed. Good luck to GEMI.


Dr. Manohar Joshi

Jubilant Industries

To see the laboratory facilities and testing purposes. GEMI Team showed their testing facilities and had a fruitful discussion. Cooperative and good of technical expertise to support industries. Appreciate support and facilities showed to us.


Dr. Somabhai Modi


ગુજરાત પર્યાવરણ સંસ્થાની લેબ જોવાનો મોકો મળ્યો. અહીં થતા કામ અને અદ્યતન ઇંસ્ટ્રુમેંટ તથા સારા તજજ્ઞ સ્ટાફ દ્વારા ખુબજ સારુ કામ થાય છે. માનવ જાતની સેવા કરવાનું ઉમ્દા કાર્ય થાય છે. પર્યાવરણને અનુલક્ષીને અનેક સમસ્યાઓ ને લઇ આપણે પરેશાન થઇએ છીએ ત્યારે દીવાદાંડી સમાન આ લેબ ખુબજ ઉપયોગી થશે. સર્વે ને ખુબ ખુબ શુભેચ્છાઓ. આદરણીય ત્યાગી સાહેબ નિયમનમાં ખુબજ પ્રગતી થાય, રાષ્ટ્રનું ઘરેણું બને તેવી શુભેચ્છા.


Shri Poonamchandra Parmar, IAS,

Principal Secretary,

F&ED  , Government of Gujarat

It was a visit long pending for a year but after the visit I feel extremely happy to see the work performance, dedication and quality consciousness of our scientist working in the laboratory. The NABL accreditation has added a feather in their Cap, provided they excel and put the GEMI on the map/ list of the world class laboratory. My best wishes to the team.


Mr. V. P. Patel


Land reforms Revenue  department

Today visited the lab it is equipped with most modern equipment with well qualified staff. I really appreciate the Contribution of this lab of GEMI in the environmental issue of Gujarat state.


Dr. B. V. Prasad

J & O

Andhra Pradesh 
Pollution Control Board

Sri Raja Sebhor, SEE and my staff have made a visit to this laboratory and found to be well maintained up to the work of all accreditations and recognitions required for environmental laboratory. Scientists working in the laboratory having good and required knowledge and capability to carry out the tests required and explained excellently.


Mr. Raja Sebhor

Sr. Environment Engineer

Andhra Pradesh 
Pollution Control Board

Well maintained laboratory with all the young scientists. These young scientists can take this facilities to good level for making this the most recognized labs. All the very best for all of you.


Dr. P. J. Patel

Head & Vice Principal

U. V. Patel Collage of Engineering ,

Ganpat University

It’s really great to see such a great lab in future we will consult to GEMI.


Shirley Kuriakose,


Amul Fed Dairy

The lab is located at a quit place so good working conditions maintained, both chemical and microbiology. Lab is well maintained.


A.A. Katesia

Dy. Director ,

Directorate of Agriculture, Gandhinagar

The lab is working as good and staff provide good knowledge about testing and NABL to us. The facility of laboratory for testing in water and other parameters is good.


A S. Kahikar,


L. D. Collage of Engineering, Ahmedabad

The lab is very well equipped and instruments are good as per requirement for analysis in water/waste water/ solid part. The analysts are having good knowledge about  the explanation of instruments which they shared with students.


Mr. Ashok kumar Dubey

Assistant professor

Marwadi University, Rajkot.

Lab was really good. We saw all equipment in proper working condition, cleanliness was remarkable and the behavior of staff was appreciable. We would like to pay our special gratitude to the GEMI for this visit. Thank you.


Y Y Moraliya, Assistant Professor

VGEC , Chandkheda

GEMI Laboratory has excellent facility for environment testing. All the staff of laboratory are maintaining standard during work in Laboratory. We had lots of information regarding GEMI during our visit. Thank you very much for grant permission for GEMI Laboratory visit.


Mr. B.K.Shah , Associate Professor, Chemical Engineer,

VGEC, Chandkheda

Respected Sir/Madam, We are from VGEC college, faculties and students from disciplines like chemical, civil and Mechanical. We are thankful for providing us opportunity to visit GEMI lab. It has many latest analytical instruments. Nicely managed, skilled staff members.


Mr.Sandeep Vashist



PAG Ahmedabad


The staff of laboratory is very cooperative and provide very useful information regarding instruments and analysis methodology. Suggestion from my side is that instruments should be dismantled and packed properly before sent to field. Further everything is perfect. Please continue your appreciable efforts in this side. Thank you.



Josie Wither


University of Guelph

Thank you for this visit and tour of the GEMI lab, it was very interesting to learn about all of the important environmental work that is being done hear. The lab staff were extremely helpful + friendly in explaining their work and showing me the equipment. This is a very clean and n’gorous facility with friendly people.



R. Vaidyanathan


Principal Accountant General, Gujarat

The visit to the GEMI’s lab has provided me an opportunity to know about their work in the environmental field witch is must in the present world. They have an wonderful lab and the test are carried out in the best manner. Hope they will carry out the work to the best satisfaction. All the best for all the future endeavours.