Evaluation of Biomedical Waste Management System of Gujarat’s Hospitals


The Biomedical waste means any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biological and including categories mentioned in Schedule I of the Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016. It must be properly managed to avoid the harm for the general public, specifically healthcare and sanitation workers who are continuously uncovered to biomedical waste as an occupational hazard. Appropriate handling, treatment and disposal of wastes are essential elements of health care management programme. Correct method helps protect health care personnel, patients and the local society.


  • To prepare a complete inventory of the bio-medical waste generated in the State.
  • To classify the waste as per different categories (human anatomical waste, waste sharps, tissues, chemical waste, etc.)
  • To identify the current waste handling, management, treatment and disposal practices.
  • To draft a comprehensive management plan for the safe and sound handling, management, treatment and disposal of bio-medical waste.

Project Benefits

The project will have the following benefits:

  • Government Bodies, Researchers, and decision makers would be benefitted with the inventory of quantification of Bio-medical waste generated across the State,
  • Effective implementation of Bio-medical waste management plan would reduce the health impacts on local people,
  • Regulatory body will be benefitted with the effective implementation of Bio-medical Waste Rules.


  • Complete enumeration of Health Care Unit (HCUs) & inventorization of biomedical waste.
  • Reduction in public health hazards.
  • Decrease in pollution rate.
  • Formulate better and effective management plans.
  • In aid of the regulatory body for effective implementation of laws and regulations.