Director's Message

This message is for all environmentally conscious people across the state, country and globe. The Institute over the years has made giant strides in the field of environment. The Institute with its far-sight, continuous efforts and perseverance has made it possible to achieve the set goals while meeting the expectations. Number of research projects have been undertaken by the Institute with a mission to study the State’s environment that has not only led to the generation of the primary data, but has also succeeded in discovering various variables responsible for the variation in the environment. The advancement made by the Institute is apparently reflected from its established State-of-the-Art Laboratory that serves as a platform for researchers. GEMI’s Laboratory that had started up with a very small set up is now a full-fledged one equipped with the most modern and sophisticated equipment’s making it one of the finest laboratory in the Nation in Environment Sector. All the recognitions and accreditations acquired by both the Institute and its Laboratory are the stepping stone in the journey towards providing the environmental solutions. The capabilities and the strength developed by the Institute has made it a premier Institute in the field of Environment Management and Research across the Nation. The Institute, besides being involved in providing scientific and technical solutions to varying environmental issues, is also active in spreading mass awareness about the overall conservation, protection and management of the environment, through trainings, events, workshops and seminars. Apart from this, the Institute has also signed collaborations with National agencies/organizations/universities to cater with its requirement of research in the field of environment. Further, many challenges still lie in the overall conservation, protection and management of the environment, where GEMI has to play a significant role.

I hope in the years to come, GEMI will continue to grow and serve the Nation for the betterment of the environment. I, at the same time, visualize a better scope for environmental research in the country for the benefit of one and all.

Dr. Sanjiv Tyagi, IFS

     Director, GEMI