City Pollution Rating Index and Green Rating to Industries


Urbanization continues at a record pace all over the world, especially in emerging and developing economies. Cities consume enormous quantities of materials and energy which releases large quantities of wastes and that are the source of air, water and soil pollutants. Various pollution parameters within a city are measured and monitored by several agencies. For the citizens, awareness of the pollution levels within a city is important, especially for those who suffer from illnesses caused by them.

City Pollution Rating Index

GEMI has discovered the concept of a City Pollution Rating Index (CPRI) that transforms weighted values of individual pollution related parameters of water, solid waste, air, noise, etc. into a single number or set of numbers came into existence for communication and decision making aspects.

  • To rate the cities based on their overall quality of environment viz. Water, Air, Solid Waste and Noise.
  • To develop, an easy to understand and interpret index and to inform the public about the quality of Environment of their city.
  • To educate the stakeholders viz. Government bodies, Municipal Corporations and other authorities regarding the status of Environmental quality in their city.
  • To act as a benchmark for policy and decision makers.
  • To develop a sense of competition among cities to continuously improve their quality of Environment.

Project Benefits

 The project will have the following benefits:

  • Citizens remain well-informed and aware about the pollution status and environmental quality of their city,
  • Identify areas of concern and improvement,
  • Aid various agencies in policy and decision making,
  • Develop a sense of competition among cities to improve their rating.

Green Rating to Industries

GEMI’s Green Rating to Industries project is an initiative to encourage Industries in the state to adopt better technologies and processes to prevent environmental damage. It is an assessment of the overall Environmental Management System (EMS) of Industries and present the output in the form of Green Rating. This will enable the Industries to understand the risk associate with existing EMS, from the point of view of cost as well as changing regulatory norms and could help them to consider available options in adopting better processes and cleaner technology from business, compliance and corporate social responsibility perspective.

Project Benefits

  • Third Party, Independent and neutral assessment from a credible and reputed Institute,
  • Self-Assessment tool for Industries,
  • Improved credibility in the domestic as well industrial market,
  • Benchmark for landing subsidies and benefits under various schemes of the government,
  • Better and smooth performance of the EMS,
  • Sense of competition among industries of same sector and striving to continuously improve the rating.