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Each day when you get up, Don't you realize that with each passing day, the environment around us has degenerated; human pressure on natural environments is increasing than before in magnitude and threatening to disrupt the delicate balance in nature. Human exposure to pollution is believed to be more intense now than any other time in human existence.

In present scenario due to industrialization and increased population, the drains may carry untreated industrial and municipal waste, If not treated properly and may cause multiple environmental hazards for mankind.

Indian cities are facing tribulations of urban congestion, deteriorating air and water quality and waste management while the rural areas are prone to deforestation, biodiversity and habitat loss, crop failure, desertification, land degradation, clean drinking water, noise pollution, sanitation.

GEMI was established to cover operations all over India with an aim to contribute towards protection and management of environment and ecology through scientific, technical, policy research and other activities.

There is a need to undertake research in this field and hence we help promote and develop studies and research by seeking affiliation with national and international agencies in the field of environmental protection and related issues for improving the overall quality of environment.

We evaluate the environmental status and impact of activities of industrialization, urbanization, water resources, etc. Also, we act as environmental auditor of industries and help agencies in planning by policy research.

We undertake studies to review the existing standards and try to evolve standards pertinent to situations; also offer advice and act as a referral institute.

We intend to motivate industries/agencies by instituting awards and prices for meritorious work in the field of environmental awareness and management.

We have expertise in training and human resource development in the field of environment in co-operation with educational or other institutes. We are starting two year Environment Management course with Gujarat Forensic University from academic session of 2014.

We publish, print, exhibit books, pamphlets, periodicals and informative material on environmental issues. We would develop, maintain and run reference libraries and data center with books, periodicals, films, Video materials.

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